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Roles and Responsibilties

Roles and Responsibilties of State Resource Centre for Women

  • State Resource Centre for Women (SRCW) has been set up with the objectives to provide requisite support to the State Mission Authority (SMA) for holistic Empowerment of Women.
  • State Resource Centre for Women will Handhold the District Convergence Facilitation Centre Pilot Project in a selected District (Jaintia Hills).
  • To identify steps and undertake measures to improve the effectiveness of government programmes to focus gender issues . This will cover facilitating changes in policies, design, and implementation of programmes.
  • To identify existing or potential problems in achieving convergence of govenment programmes, schemes and services; it will involve coordination with different departments/agencies/missions in the State to identify factors in the design, process and delivery of schemes/legislations that hinder convergence and facilitate in adoption of appropriate suggestive measures through the SMA and other appropriate forums/authorities.
  • To liaise with the existing institutions and structures (Gender cells within departments and Civil Organisations (CSOs) for monitoring and reviewing of the central and state government schemes impacting women with a gender perspective.
  • To conduct studies (mid - term reviews, impact assessment etc_) of governemnt programmes to understand the the efficiency of such initiatives. It will involve collating data regarding implementation of schemes across departments; gender disaggregated reporting and detailed analysis.
  • To identify areas fur research on women's issues and initiate steps to oonduct the studies. (it will involve partnering and coordinating with other agencies involved in similar work to avoid duplication).
  • To develop and implement the training & capacity building strategy of NMEW in the State. The strategy needs to factor in the requirements of diverse stakeholders (elected representatives government officers, staffs including field functionaries, women's collective members and individuals), training needs (sensitization, awareness generation, technical skills, behavioral changes), modalities (either directly or through agencies) etc (NRCW will provide technical inputs and some standard training modules, however SRCW will have the responsibility for implementation).
  • To design and implement the Information Education and Communication (IEC) strategy to generate awareness about issues facing women including "patriarchal beliefs" that impedes all round development of women.
  • To carry out public service campaign, workshops, awareness generation about the different programmes/schemes through suitable media strategy to achieve the mission objectives.
  • To develop strategies for enhancing livelihood options for women using the women collectives including promoting SHG federations, producer companies of women etc.
  • To create knowledge partners consisting of experts/organizations working on women empowerment issues to assist the SRCW by setting up formal/informal groups (The group could consist of experts from CSOs, research and academic institutions, international NGOs, etc in the State).
  • To identify best practices (Government CSO, PRI) in various sectoral areas like health, education, microfinance, livelihoods, etc from a gender perspective, document initiatives and disseminate within the State.
  • To facilitate the implementation of convergence model centres for providing convergent delivery of Government schemes including setting up various institutional structures at the district, block and village level This will involve planning, coordination hand holding, capacity building and supervision of the agencies/resource persons involved in operationalizing the structures.
  • To undertake innovative measures and practices to promote convergence and coordination of schemes, programmes and services to Women at different levels (State, District, Block and Village).
  • To send regular reports on the operation of the project in the state to National Mission for Empowerment of Women, Govt. of India.
  • To ensure regular review meetings are held at State, District, Tehsil and Village Levels to ensure effective monitoring of convergence efforts at the grassroot.

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