Central Level Mission Team

Slno Name Designation Landline
1 Smt. K. Ratna Prabha Additional Secretary & Mission Director 011 - 23363292
2 Ms. Rashmj Singh Executive Director 011 - 23743980
3 Shri. Samjr Sinha Under Secretary 011 - 23340304-
4 Ms. A. LalithaRao Section Officer 011 - 23340304-
Domain: Poverty Alleviation & Economic Emppowument Email ID: ce-nmew(at)nic(dot)in
5 Dr Sulochana Vasudevan Senior Project Advisor
6 Dr. Sunita Sangar Senior Research Officer
7 Ms. Sharmistha Sinha Senior Research Officer
8 Dr. Kavita Research Assistant
Domain: Social Empowerment & Education Email ID: se-nme(at)nic(dot).in
9 Prof. K. R. Chandrasekaran Senior Project Advisor
10 Dr. Payal Sahu Senior Research Officer
11 Ms. Manorma Dei Senior Research Officer
12 Dr. Arvind Rana Research Assistant
13 Ms. Nisha Jha Research Assistant
Domain: Health and Nutrition
Email ID: hn-nmmli(at)nic(dot)in
14 Ms.Meenakshi Rathore Senior Project Advisor
15 Dr. Vasudha Shukla Senior Research Officer
16 Shri.. Sashi Kant Yadav Senior Research Officer
17 Ms. Madhusmita Das Research Assistant
Domain: Gender Rights, Gender Based Violence & Law Enforcement
Email ID: gr-nmru.(at)nic(dot)in
18 Adv. Devika Singh Chauhan Senior Project Advisor
19 Dr. Poulomi Pal Senior Research Officer
20 Ms. Chetna Birje Senior Research Officer
21 Shri. Laikhuram Premjit Singh Research Assistant
Domain: Empowerment of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups and Women in Difficult Circumstances
22 Dr. Deepa Ahluwalia Senior Project Advisor
23 Dr. Jupaka Madhavi Senior Research Officer
24 Dr. Nasruddin Research Assistant
Domain: Gender Budgeting, Gender Mainstreaming & Gender Audit
Email ID: gb-nmew(at)nic(dot)in
25 Dr. Bansari Nag Senior Research Officer
26 Ms. Lakshmi Rani Senior Research Officer
27 Ms. Saswati Baruah Research Assistant
Domain: Media, Awareness Generation, Advocacy & Mass Communication
Email ID: mc-nmmr.(at)nic(dot)in
28 Ms.Barnali Das Senior Project Advisor
29 Ms. Shubhashri R. Kadakol Senior Research Officer
30 Ms. Nimisha Srivastava Senior Research Officer
31 Shri.. Devashish Prasoon Research Assistant
32 Ms. Sarika Kacher Research Assistant
Domain; Information Technology
Email ID: it-nmew(at)nic(dot)in
33 Ms. Stakshi Taryon Progmmmer
34 Shri. Vinod Nair Policy and Implementation Specialist
35 Sbri. Prasanta Kumar Pradhan UNDP Consultant
36 Shri. V. K. Sharma Finance Consultant